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This is a list of film opportunities that I come across - feel free to share.

Shared Lead:  Are you in Australia and interested in a short film grant ?

The Twenty Years: Twenty Stories project will tell the stories of twenty people who have used the Disability Discrimination Act to change the lives of many.

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Sydney Community Foundation (SCF) are working collaboratively on the Twenty Years: Twenty Stories project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the DDA.
Through short films, the project will tell twenty inspiring stories of people who have used the Act to improve the lives of people with disability around Australia. Reaching out into the community via social media and disability advocacy groups, Twenty Years: Twenty Stories will herald the progress of disability rights in Australia and encourage greater participation in disability issues. The films are expected to be launched in March 2013.
If your organisation or an individual connected to your organisation has a great story that deserves to be told, complete the Expression of Interest form below or call us to discuss your story idea. The application for the grant is a simple two staged process:
  1. Submission of the 2 page Expression of Interest Form (Below)
  2. Shortlisted grant applications will then be invited to submit a Film Proposal, including a story board, details of production, timeframes and budget.
Grants will then be made to 10 finalist community organisations across Australia to make the films (the other 10 will be made by a professional film maker).
AHRC welcome your call to discuss your grant idea before completing this Expression of Interest form on (02) 9251 1228. Applications are now open now until 14 September 2012. Applications may be considered after this date (please contact us first). All films will need to be completed by late November/early December.
Closing date:14-Sep-02012 CE

To find out more:

Contact phone:(02) 9251 1228

As always contact them rather than me - I'm just passing along the lead.

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